new music for the new year

Okay, so technically it's barely the 'new year' anymore. 36 days in and I still refuse that this is the year I turn 16, do my GCSEs, leave my loveable-yet-shite school and start afresh elsewhere. I actually like that sort of change, the inevitable one that I've been thinking about for a bit so it's... Continue Reading →


living on writer’s block…

she smelt like Ted Baker cigarettes and Marlboro perfume she taught me the etiquette she laughed into the fumes and I listened she glistened like her smile was enough to keep me breathing now she's leaving but no one's grieving like I am infatuated I sat and waited but your castle walls they're just too... Continue Reading →

in winter, we turn to grunge.

When I'm cold and tired and grumpy and the holidays seem to stretch out into an ever-lasting numbness, music really takes over. Being a predominant part of my life as it is, it doesn't take much for the words of another to sweep me up and cuddle me in this period of silent chaos. Winter... Continue Reading →

bursting at the seams.

eminem you and them me and you everyone knew and it's sickening to hear the clock and it's ticking and i'm just trying to get back into the future no one sees a lie succeeds still aglow no one knows on the tip of my tongue once again we were young and i'm foolish and... Continue Reading →

a relapse, if you like.

Heya, long time no dig:) I've just realised how long it's been since I've had a proper rant. Or, at least, it seems like a long time. I feel the need for an update. So things have been a bit manic lately. I've had my mocks and ummmm...well. The results taught me a lesson, let's... Continue Reading →


yes i've been falling lately falling short of the mark there's always one faller maybe that's me falling for your mind games falling in and out of obsession falling for all the wrong people falling from heights that i had never really reached falling back on the same sets of eyes the same rhythm, same... Continue Reading →


headlock punctuating my bold yet broken steps stopping to notice the way the sky blends so beautifully bluster of hair heavy heavy eyes hot water, soak me through dizzy and tears alone again. Feature Image from Pinterest

Songs That Saved My Life

On September 10th, I was graced with a rather beautiful video on my Instagram feed. Neck Deep have been a band that have been close to my heart for a while now (as you know already) and I saw they'd posted a video saying they'd released new music: a cover of Torn by Natalie Imbruglia.... Continue Reading →

Killing Eve: I think I’m addicted…

Recently, there's been a goldrush of new things to watch on TV. Casualty is still running weekly episodes, but we've been graced once again with Strictly Come Dancing (so scandalous!), Doctor Who (a theme I'll later explore...) and my sister has been watching The Great British Bake Off again religiously. We also recently bought a... Continue Reading →

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